July 25, 2011

The Android story continues

It's been a year with my Android and I'm still having a wow-momentry now and then. Unfortunately I haven't brought my discoveries to my IT/Emergency medicine blog and I have no good reason for that other than that many of the discoveries are not Android specific and could apply to other smart phones as well. Even the (in my opinion) little-enthusiased-to-iPhone. Smart phone is the new Swiss army knife and there are trillions possibilities to put them in use both in real life and as a physician, many which we haven't even seen yet. This as many other IT topics I will be discussing in my ´IT for EM physicians lecture´ at KOS in September.

I would though like to share with you a great graphical comparison chart (thanks www.tecca.com!) which compares the different Android OS versions. Many times I have Googled this, ending up in Wikipedias' detailed but a tad boring comparison tables. This one is a keeper!

I have never had an iPhone my self and so have no position to judge it as neither better or worse than Android. I can only say that I am 110% satisfied with the Android approach of everything-open and customizable and cannot imagine a day with a closed-system like the iPhone seems to be. Besides that, having Google as the backbone has also been one of the biggest benefits as their arsenal of applications and tools like Google Docs, Maps & Latitude, Calender, Gmail etc. is also another technology I couldn't be without and frankly - Google is on fire nowadays. Almost every day a new update or upgrade making their toolset even better to use. Inevitably, the Google apps will be a hot topic in my KOS lecture.

While we are at it I will also throw in a link from Tecca which compares Android and iPhone pretty neutrally. Though in the end I really don't think it matters which one you are using as long as you base your choice on what technologies you want inside your pone, not the brand.