December 8, 2012

Irvine ultrasound videos

Maybe this is how Youtube got a concussion?If you have in some way been involved in ultrasound you surely haven't missed hearing Chris Fox mentioned and his awesome ultrasound lectures. The Ultrasound podcast has made him appear as a god-like figure and judging from the work he's been putting into ultrasound teachings, I think they're absolutely right. You will not find any better ultrasound video tutorials in the Milky way!
Not only is his work great but he has shared them all for free. They have been available on Youtube and iTunes. Youtube got a concussion recently and thinks they're infringing copyrights and iTunes is not for all. That leaves one final option for downloading the lectures directly to your computer - the torrent system.

First of all, using torrents to share content is 100% legal, it is sharing copyright content which is not. Using torrents you will download from multiple sources instead of a single one, giving you much faster download speeds. A whoppy 10 gigabyte collection like Chris' ultrasound videos thus can easily be downloaded in 30-60mins.

First you'll need a torrent software client. uTorrent has a good reputation and has all the features needed, it's free so go and install it.

Then you need the torrent file which has the description of the contents and where to look for it. You could google something like "irvine ultrasound torrent" but there are some other similiar torrent files out there which do not include the whole 10gb package. Also, there are many bad torrent websites forcing ads and even bloatware on your computer, thus I recommend which I find better than the others and have used for a while. You can also download the file directly from my Dropbox here

That's all there is to it. Open the torrent file in uTorrent and it takes care of the rest. Remember, torrents live only as long as those who have already downloaded continue sharing them. Please keep your connection open, you can set a max upload rate in the torrent program so that your Internet connection isn't clogged.