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this magnificient eruption from 2010 in Iceland!
My name is David Thorisson, I'm born in a small island far up north which is cold on the outside but warm on the inside. I currently live in Sweden, due 2012 to finish specialization in emergency medicine. My university hospital in Lund (UsiL) is one of the first initiating emergency medicine in Scandinavia.

My interest for computers and gadgets showed in early childhood, I never had much patience for playing videogames and so ended up spending most of my time programming or experimenting with the computers' inner workings. When the Internet era arrived I  creating websites and my days of programming climaxed in, the main site for the Icelandic medical association.

Programming took way too much time so one day I decided it was better left to programmers. Instead I focused on using my IT skills to become a better physician. Being married, having three children, training for a marathon, open water swimming and learning emergency medicine at the same time would never have been able without my IT skills as they boost my productivity, for example allowing me to use "dead" (non-productive) time in my life and eliminating repeating zombie-like tasks.
I believe IT has the potential to boost healthcare in the same way, not only by optimising patient care but also the way that we as doctors learn, stay up-to-date and approach our daily work routine. Just look at today's medical students who are raised up with IT all around them, they are outsmarting elderly colleges just because they know how to surf the information tsunami instead of getting lost in it! Because of this hobby of mine I have given IT/medicine talks locally in my hospital and recently at Kos 2011.

Priceless electrical activity is my thinking box where I will share with thoughts and experiences; interesting cases or readings or my IT thoughts and discoveries. You will most likely find a lot of useful tips about websites, tools or ways to make your life as an (emergency) physician easier and more productive.

None at all. I will have to ask you though to read my post about Google since much of what I use is a Google tool - not because I am affiliated but because they simply have the best set of tools for my preference.

You are welcome to drop me an email to dabbi2000 (at), you can also contact me via Google plus.

Finding a name for this blog was the hardest and actually delayed the kickoff by weeks. Most of the ideas I got were already taken and at some point I decided I just had to go for the next best one and that's how "Priceless electrical activity" got chosen. A list of potential candidates indicates the turmoil of my head:
  • Wandering blogmaker
  • The wave alternans
  • The blog clot
  • Laminar flow
  • Electromechanic association

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