Links and tools for emergency physicians

    Google custom search

    (now what's that?!)
  • Basic resources (Emedicine, Merck, FPNotebook...)
  • The emergency medicine blogosphere + selected EM newsletters
  • Academic emergency medicine journals

    Productivity tools

  • Live Minutes
    host (or participate in) an online voice/chat meeting; no plugins, no logins, all free
    Convert iTunes url to RSS feed
  • Stereomood
    internet radio for background music while doing paperwork - select your mood (eg. relaxed, sunday morning, sexy...) and listen to appropriate music!
  • TalkTyper
    for dictating text directly to computer
  • Online XPS to PDF converter
    to save you from IE stubborness, not allowing print to PDF file
  • Online OCR
    for converting scanned images to text, supports most languages

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