August 24, 2010

The candy is just around the corner...

They say if you're a blogger you have to post regularly. I am not sure I can agree since writing under pressure for my part never has produced any good results. On the other hand I can understand you folks want to have the candy coming if you are to stay here. Well hang on tight, the best parts are already being written but being a tad obsessive compulsive you will not see them until I feel they are good (I just love that feature of Blogspot where you can save posts as draft and publish when they are ready - it's so easy to draft your ideas then!).

As I see in my statistics that guests to the blog are on the increase I felt I should at least tell you what you are about to see...

  • I have been diggin into what video web sites are available to us and comparing them. Out of necessity since I've promised my colleges back in my ER to have them an access to the best one for the coming winter. USC essentials, CME download, LA all, EM:Rap tv... we will see who is the big winner.
  • I am still digging deeper into my new Android and finding out how it can be used at work.
  • The first IT tip is on it's way.
  • A big site of "my most used EM resources" is being written with reference to blogs, web sites, journals, podcasts, videos and most of online material you need as an EM physician.
  • I plan to review all those resources and currently have occupied my self with dwelling into blogs of colleges, yes - just your blog might be the first one! Actually the first review is out - although a little shallow.
  • I am writing a comprehensive text about my method of e-learning, describing some tools and tricks of the trade I have applied trough my years as an EM physician.
  • One post is about "asking clinical questions"; how to use the online databases to ask clear-cut and precise questions like "should my patient with previous MI have his ASA set out now that he has stable GI bleeding?"
Also I have putting my previous website programming experience into use and messing around with the CSS file of my blog. Just see these nice shadow effects on the title (not surprisingly, Internet Explorer doesn't support this) and voila - no borders around the images (easier said than done!).

As an Icelander, almost Swede even, my biggest problem is to coordinate my brain cells to write common-language-english. Being the OCD type I can not publish text unless I feel it's been cleaned from terrible typing [t]errors or grammatical mothballs. So you just wait folks, soon the candy will be floating all over!!

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