July 13, 2010

My primary resources: Institutions and societies

This is a subpage from my Primary Resources page where I iterate all the most important (online) resources for emergency physicians to learn and stay updated in their field.

Knowing the major institutions is essential for getting familiar to the world of EM since only then you will know how to select your journals, conferences and even favorite lecturers. The Wikipedia entry on emergency medicine will help you pick on with it's short history of EM and current practice, also AAEM has a very informative reading on the history of EM in USA.
  • ACEP: American College of Emergency Physicians
    THE headquarters in USA, founded in 1968 and has 25.000 members. They run the mother of all EM conferences, the annual ACEP's scientific assembly.
  • AAEM: American Academy of Emergency Medicine
    Restricts its membership to board certified specialists in emergency medicine.
  • CCME: The Center for Medical Education
    "Next to ACEP, it is believed that CCME is the largest provider of emergency medicine CME in US. Providing its subscribers and course participants with a variety of state-of-the-art continuing medical education resources" (...)
    See an overview of CCME courses here.
  • EuSem: European Society for Emergency Medicine
    The biggest EM assocation in Europe. Publishers of EJEM. In alternate years a congress is organised in collaboration with AAEM and referred to as ‘Mediterranean Congress of Emergency Medicine’. In the even years, the congress is co-organised by the national emergency medicine society of the country it is held in and referred to as ‘European Congress on Emergency Medicine’.

While we are speaking of the history of EM, there is one particular lecture I would really like to recommend for all EPs, new and old in this world. It is a mindblowing talk about the early days of EM and how everything started; from the need of stopping killing patients by inexperienced and untrained residents - almost medical students - in the cellars of the hospitals. The 'emergency rooms' other specialities didn't want to know about and would not by any means want to stick their feet into.
This conference is from the All LA Conference website and can be watched or listened to for free:

 Peter Rosen: Reflections on 40 Years of Emergency Medicine

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