September 1, 2011

Information technology for physicians

Only 10 days more until Kos 2011: The Sixth Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress and my slideshow is finally taking shape. In Kos I will in a (all too short!) 20 minute session talk about "Information technology for emergency physicians".

We are living in new times where IT is becoming ever more important for the physician. Ignore it and your medical students will rival your medical knowledge and even your patients will remind you of your gaps. The modern e-patients are so much more informed today, knowing everything about their condition. The typical e-patient will seek the doctor to ask about the diagnosis, not the symptoms. The modern patient is 1000% more informed today than before. Are doctors 1000% more capable?

Every day we are being bombarded with information, wether we ask for it or not. IT skills allow the doctor to comfortably surf the information-tsunami instead of going down under it. This will be the take away home message in my talk in Kos where I will tell you about lots of tips and tools for being more IT-competent.

To warm up I'd like to show you this amazing video which gives us a glimpse of what might be the next thing - online conferences, right in your living room!

ps: I am curious to know if there have been any other talks about IT for physisicans, please tip me if you know of any!


  1. Exciting initiative! Will there be a transcript or video online for those of us who won't be there in person? Please do post some of your tips in the blog.

  2. I hope they will video-record it and will definitely let you know!

  3. try this one