May 19, 2012

Social media for doctors - where the brains meet

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  1. "We need a centralized database of guidelines."

    Something similar to this has been started with Let me know on the site if theres anything that can help make it into something like you're talking about.

  2. Great article
    Very well thought out and referenced
    In response to your section 8 - I think the next iteration of GMEP will help to answer some of these questions
    Users will be able to upload their won media collections, PPT, guidelines etc as well as create multiple choice questions from images/video etc. All users of the site will be able to 'add' the media and MCQ they find to their own collections and create content galleries of medical information.
    Inline contextual learning occurs when an image/video/PPT is used in a blog post - the trackback to that blog is affiliated with the image, the journal article is associated with the image, the MCQ's are also with the image - creating a one stop shop for all your educational needs - FOR FREE
    Hopefully it will launch in July as a fully operational

  3. Thank you again, I really hope it helps recruit more great colleagues to our 'secret world', especially to Google+ which I believe is the best professional social media platform.

    I am really excited about GMEP, just registered and had some sweat pearls on my forehead battling a few questions, Trivial Pursuit for emergency physicians... gotta love it! Will you have a 'wiki' tool on it too?

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