November 5, 2011

Cardiology updates 2011 is out!

The world of podcasts is a truly inspiring one, especially in emergency medicine where it seems there is more ambition and spirit of 'sharing knowledge with the rest of the world' than in any other field I know. Although I regularly encounter great lectures this way I decided my blog is not the right place to shout these aloud.

I will make an occasional exception and this time it's Amal Mattu's "cardiology updates 2011", an annual podcast where he reviews the most important literature of the year. It was through these exactly that I caught the podcast train a few years ago and so I see a very good reason to let you know that the 2011 lecture is out.

Put everything else aside, this is the best thing that could happen to you this week. Thanks Amal Mattu and Joe Lex for putting this online. This kind of knowledge truly does lead to better patient care!

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