November 17, 2011

IT for emergency physicians - the esoteric talk

In september 2011 I was at the 6th MEMC, an international emergency medicine conference held in the small greek island of Kos - the birthplace of Hippocrates. I was given the opportunity to talk about my IT experiences in my life as an physician.

The thought of a first first time talk on international ground was comfortably stressful until the day before when I decided a trip to an Irish karaoke-bar would stabilize my nerves. And it did but the irish bartender spotted my Acchiles' heel and managed to sneek more beer on my table than I had planned for, fiddling most of my cortical senses and spinal reflexes the day after.

There was a silent nervous breakdown going on and standing in front of tens of ED docs, masters of spotting obfuscate symptoms, it was a little hard to give "the perfect talk". A faux pas for martians even. Fortunately the content of my talk was of more interest than performance and it seemed the audience forgave me stuttering words with a mixture of esoteric swedish, icelandic, english-wannabe pronunciation. I even had a short-lived crowd gathering afterwards asking for my name tag and email which I like to think was a positive sign.

And now, I give to you a "home edited" version of the same talk, with the same esoteric pronunciation for you only to feel the atmosphere of the real talk...

Keep in mind I was limited to 20 minutes and to dissect a broad topic as IT in such a short time would be utterly impossible. Instead, I give you a few eye-openers and ideas for you to step onto the IT-wagon yourself and I welcome you to follow my blog for the details.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments and I will happily reply. If you find an urge to discuss with me karaoke as stress-relief therapy, you are welcome to contact me - you will find contact info in the introduction post.

IT for emergency physicians from David Thorisson on Vimeo.

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